Susquehanna Recovery Initiative was incorporated in 2015 and obtained 501(c)3 status from the IRS.  The organization was formed by four individuals, two of whom are still part of the leadership team.  Half of our directors are in long-term recovery.  We opened our first recovery house on Penn Street in Harrisburg & several months later, we opened a second house, based on the growing demand for beds.  A founding philosophy of the organization, was to provide safe, secure housing in neighborhoods that permitted our residents the best change to obtain long-term recovery.  This was just one of the ways we intended to "do recovery housing" differently from other organizations.

In early 2017, SRI applied for & was awarded a grant to establish a recovery center in Dauphin County.  The recovery center would house individuals in recovery & include a large meeting room for recovery based meetings and offer additional programs & resources for the recovery community.  Following a lengthy site search, the leadership team selected the site of the former Harrisburg Awards building at 2701 Walnut Street in Penbrook Borough.  The structure required numerous repairs & alterations to obtain code compliance.  The recovery center was envisioned as a beacon for those in the recovery community of Dauphin County. 

SRI's RECOVERY CENTER offers resources such as computers with internet access, Certified Recovery Specialists and a library for a variety of addictions.  In early 2020 after significant expenditures & improvements, the meeting room was completed.  We expect to form a home group compromised of house residents & the leadership team.  Future meetings of varied recovery organizations are anticipated & we expect to welcome all those interested in long-term recovery.


SRI's RECOVERY HOUSE accommodates up to 16 adult men in recovery.  We have a House Mangers who are responsible for the daily operation of the house.  Perspective residents MUST be interviewed & complete an application prior to admission.  Upon admission approval, new residents are welcomed into the facility by a member of the leadership team who reviews & explains the expectations and requirements of residency.  Residents are provided a copy of our Code of Conduct & House Rules.  Weekly house meetings are MANDATORY & attended by members of the


leadership team.  House related issues & resident's recovery progress are discussed.  We strongly believe in a family-oriented model of recovery & expect residents to fellowship with each other & also hold each other accountable.  Often the greatest recovery resource, is the person sitting right next to you.  Residents are expected to obtain a sponsor within two weeks of arrival, attend recovery meetings, secure employment & abide by the house Code of Conduct.  Members of our leadership team are Certified Recovery Specialists who can provide additional guidance & support.  Random urine screens are administered by the leadership team.  We recommend a minimum stay of at least six (6) months to provide the smoothest period of transition into long-term sobriety.